Quick Keto Recipes for Family Dinner

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A list of quick dinner recipes for those following the keto diet plan. The dinner recipes also are appropriate for those on the atkins diet plan.

Meal planning is challenging. Add dietary restrictions and planning becomes even more challenging. Add children and a spouse, all with different taste preferences and meal planning for a week becomes a chore and makes you want to scream.

For myself, I’m trying to make lifestyle changes around my eating and exercising, to lose weight and to be a healthier mom. Eating low carb improves my overall health and I just feel better, meaning I suffer less from headaches and stomach problems. However, I’m human. It’s hard to stick to restrictions when it’s just easier to eat what my kids are eating.  I don’t have time to make separate dinners. Do you find it easier to just eat what the rest of the family is eating?

I’ve become obsessed with finding different ways to make this way of eating – keto – successful and something I can realistically do long term. Planning in advance is what works for me and keeps me on track. Because I’m not the most creative cook in the kitchen, I use Pinterest for meal planning. I just love Pinterest!! 

The following recipes have helped me stay on track with low carb eating, while also allowing me to feed my family tasty dinners. My family doesn’t even realize they are eating low carb, just like mom – and I plan to keep it this way. I tell them I just want more variety in our dinners so we don’t get bored with the same old dishes all of the time. 

I hope you find the following recipes to be helpful.

Keto Broccoli Casserole

Image and recipe courtesy of A Modern Homestead

This meal is quick, healthy and easy! You can’t beat 4 ingredients and just 30 minutes in the oven! You will notice organic products are used in the recipe. I did not have organic products on hand and it still turned out tasty and kid approved. It feels great when I can serve a protein AND a veggie in the same dish. 

Keto Chicken Tenders

Image and recipe courtesy of Keto Connect.

I was surprised at the simplicity of this recipe, with minimal ingredients. These tenders work great as appetizers or finger foods. Great for busy weeknights. We also enjoyed adding them to our salads to make sure we got our veggies in for the day! 

Chicken Bacon Caesar Casserole

Image and recipe courtesy of Joy Filled Eats

If you like preparing meals ahead of time, this is a great option. I liked that I could prepare this the day before I wanted to cook it and just stored in the fridge. The following evening all I had to do was walk through the front door after work and pop it into the oven, without even thinking about it. It turned out great and we loved the creaminess – the kids didn’t even realize they were eating spinach until after they’d taken a couple of bites. 

Keto Mac and Cheese with Pulled Pork

Image and recipe courtesy of Low Carb Yum

I have to admit that I was hesitant to give this meal a try. I love cauliflower but not all of my kids do. With that in mind, I didn’t want leftovers for days afterwards to have to take to lunch. Trying this, even with the extra steps beyond what I like to do at dinner, was so worth it. This dish was delicious and I can’t believe ALL of the kids ate it and even had seconds! 

Breaded Shrimp Salad With Chipotle Mayo

Image and recipe courtesy of Healthful Pursuit.

This is the perfect meal for when we just want something light in the evening. It’s light but fulfilling and tasty. When I don’t have almond flour in the house I use parmesan cheese instead and it’s still approved by the family. 

Chipotle Steak Bowl

Image and recipe courtesy of Tasteaholics

My kids are addicted to Chipotle. Every week, without fail, they ask if we can have dinner there. I may not mind the food, but my budget definitely minds, being that I’m trying to spend less on eating out. Chipotle steak bowl is the answer to the Chipotle craving, hands down! You won’t even notice the absence of black beans in this dish. 

Chicken Sausage and Vegetable Skillet

Image and recipe courtesy of Peace, Love and Low Carb

Who doesn’t love a tasty meal that only dirties up one dish? I sure do. I love it even more when it’s flavorful and fulfilling. What’s great about this dish is that you can use whatever meat and veggies you have on hand. It will still turn out yummy.

Turkey Patties with Cucumber Salsa

Image and recipe courtesy of KetoDiet Blog.

Turkey settles better on my stomach so I was eager to try this one. The flavors of the turkey patties paired well with the cucumber salsa. It’s not a combination I would have thought of on my own, but flavorful.  The kids had the option of using buns but chose not to after taking one bite. 

Lasagna Rolls

Image and recipe courtesy of Keto Adapted

At the time I came across this recipe, I was craving lasagna. Hoping this would satisfy my craving I decided to give it a try. It was wonderful. The ricotta cheese definitely made this taste similar to lasagna. Did I mention my kids don’t like to eat to lasagna? I was shocked to hear from them that this was definitely a make again dinner. 

Buffalo Chicken-Stuffed Avocado

Image and recipe courtesy of SheKnows.

My girls really like avocado. I don’t necessarily have the same love, although I know it’s a heart healthy fat I need to incorporate into keto living. They were eager for me to give this a try, and I’m so glad I did! I had no idea… the warm creaminess of the avocado was delicious paired with the chicken. This was truly filling and for once the girls didn’t “need” a snack after dinner. 

Crock Pot Balsamic Roast Beef

Image and recipe courtesy of Sugar Free Mom

If I could use my crock pot every day I would. Seriously, sad I know. I love that all I have to do is prep and then let the crock pot do the rest. I set the timer for it to stop cooking before I get home and it keeps it warm until dinner. The kids like the roast beef with green beans and mashed cauliflower. It tastes great with garlic roasted broccoli as well. 

Garlic Shrimp Zoodles

Image and recipe courtesy of  Salt & Lavendar

Let me be honest, eating zucchini in place of pasta takes a little getting used to, especially if pasta is a comfort food for you. However, the girls were willing to give it a try because they want me to be successful in losing weight and feeling better. We had fun using the spiralizer for this recipe, which turned out to be quite tasty. Definitely a recipe to try for a quick dinner on a busy night. 

Meatloaf in a Mug

Image and recipe courtesy of Low Carb So Simple.

There are two variations to this recipe, one with salsa and the other with pumpkin. Yes, pumpkin! Who would’ve thought?  My youngest is always asking to help me cook dinner. This was the perfect opportunity and recipe to let her do everything on her own. The recipe is easy to follow and is ready really fast. We had our meatloaf with cheesy broccoli and found this to be very filling. 

Keto Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

Image and courtesy recipe courtesy of Ditch the Carbs

This has become my go-to recipe on weekends or anytime I’m craving a cheeseburger. Definitely a fun dish for my kids and their friends. I like that we can substitute ingredients we want to be on our cheeseburger and change it up each time we make it. That, and it’s easy to throw together. Goes great with a side salad. 

Keto Cheese Shell Taco Cups

Image and recipe courtesy of Hey Keto Mama

Wow. Can I just say that we honestly didn’t even miss the taco shells. These are so yummy! The girls request these on taco nights instead of regular tacos and the added bonus is that I’m not tempted and stay within my allocated carbs for the day. This is also great as a finger food for when the girls have their friends over. 

Quick Frittata with Tomatoes and Cheese

Image and recipe courtesy of KetoDiet Bog

Quick and easy on nights the family just wants something light to eat for dinner. We appreciate the versatility, and use whatever veggies we have in the house at the time. It usually takes about 15 -18 minutes for this dish, start to finish, which is awesome! 

Blackened Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Image and recipe courtesy of Closet Cooking

Thankfully, my girls love salmon but this is the first time we’ve tried it with the avocado salsa. The flavors and texture paired nicely, creating a tasty dish. Not only is this a quick and painless meal, it’s tasty. 

Filet Mignon with Butter Herb Butter

Image and recipe courtesy of Wholesome Yum

I almost skipped this recipe when looking for dinner ideas. Honestly, because I’m not the greatest cook I immediately thought I shouldn’t even try making steak. Why? It’s too expensive to mess up! You definitely have to get a great quality of meat, which the butcher explained to me. This meal was ready in 20 minutes and was delicious! Any vegetable will work with this. 

Pork Chops with Cabbage

Image and recipe courtesy of Ketogasm

Super simple meal ready in 20 minutes and it doesn’t heat the kitchen up. It’s the first time I’ve cooked pork chops on the stove top and they were so tender and juicy. My kids aren’t crazy about pork chops because mine usually turn out dry unless I cook them in the crock pot. They couldn’t get enough of these and all 3 of them asked for seconds. Again, a simple, yet filling meal. 

Grilled Chicken Salad with Strawberries and Spinach

Image and recipe courtesy of SkinnyTaste.

Salads are a great option for when the family wants something light because it’s hot or when you don’t want to necessarily heat the house up with cooking. I love fruit and miss not eating it on this way of eating, except in moderation. Strawberries have fewer carbs and sugar so I don’t feel guilty indulging when paired with a salad. 

Burger Bites

Image and recipe courtesy of SkinnyTaste.

We typically consider this a weekend dinner. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like we’re eating dinner. Burger bites are also fun to make when the kids have their friends over. My oldest daughter always eats these with a salad on the side. I indulge and have mine with pork rinds because they’re the next best thing to chips. 





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